Why International Advocacy?


Through our country programmes we reach thousands of children.  But we can reach millions by ensuring the implementation of international law and influencing the direction of policy and funding to uphold children's rights.

The primary aim of our international advocacy is to increase the importance and awareness of deinstitutionalisation amongst politicians and civil servants at EU and UN level.  We advocate through awareness raising, training, and sharing expertise and proven solutions.  A key focus of our international advocacy work is making sure that European and international funding is not used to sustain a harmful system but instead proactively fund deinstitutionalisation programmes. We also work to make sure that all countries fulfil their international commitments to uphold the rights of children.

Since 2010 we have been expanding our EU advocacy work. We work to end institutionalisation by ensuring the people taking strategic decisions on how EU funds are used are aware of the harm institions cause and of the availability of a better solution for children and their families. For instance, we have delivered training in deinstitutionalisation to over 50 desk officers from the European Commission in Brussels who are responsible for billions of Euros worth of EU funds. These funds can be used to reform health, education and social services across the EU members states.

As a result of our work, deinstitutionalisation was included in the EU Disability Strategy and Anti-Poverty Strategy.

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